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Our thoughts...New chamber leadership
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This week the leadership of the Covington-Newton County Chamber of Commerce announced the selection of local businessman, Hunter Hall, as its new president.

Hall replaces John Boothby, who left the organization in September.

Personable and full of energy, Hall seems to be a good choice. His main objective is to increase membership in the chamber - certainly a major hurdle to accomplish in these tough economic times.

We wish Hall the very best and will be anxious to work with him and his staff toward the continued success of our chamber.

Chamber officials also announced that they will be installing a senior vice president, who will be in charge of economic development, as well.

This is a concept used by much larger chambers; because of the size of our local chamber, we are unsure whether it can accommodate the cost and the dual leadership role appointment would generate.

However, we feel that it certainly is worth the gamble and we completely support the concept.
A strong chamber of commerce bodes well for a financially sound community.