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Our thoughts...Lessons learned from a monster
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Last week Judge Samuel Ozburn sentenced 26-year-old sexual pervert Brandon Wiggins to 25 years in prison and a life on parole for the aggravated child molestation and statutory rape of his two juvenile step-sisters. The proceedings no doubt made jurors and judge just as nauseous as it made us.

We are sure Ozburn imposed the maximum sentence in order to protect other innocents.

By his actions Wiggins destroyed the youthful purity of two young girls; he ruined their trust in adults who are supposed to take care of them and for that he should never have the opportunity to walk on the earth as a free man.

During these times of financial struggle, this type of perversion can easily go undetected for years as both parents work in order to keep a typical household afloat. In homes where both parents have careers, it is absolutely imperative to teach children about trust and telling when trust has been violated.

Stay in tune with your children by talking with them everyday and taking the time to listen. If you suspect abuse by anyone, immediately contact law enforcement officials, even if a family member is involved.

We owe our children every protection that we can give them. They deserve the opportunity to enjoy their childhoods so they may grow up to be productive adults.