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Our thoughts...Era of humiliation
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Mexico is a beautiful country. It is not the dirty tourist trap that you would see if you visited Tijuana or any other border town on the Texas and California border. 

There is an old world culture and a land full of precious minerals and oil.

Unfortunately for the Mexican government, their leadership has been corrupt for hundreds of years; some of their past presidents live in California on the riches stolen from their own people.

The current president, Felipe Calderon, is the darling of the Obama administration. The difference between him and his predecessors is that he makes a pretense about wanting to fight the drug cartels that are currently draining the life out of the citizens of Mexico.

The people of Mexico live under a true caste system. You either have power and money or you don’t, and the people who don’t have anything flee their home country to find some degree of dignity and quality of life in our country.

The loss of pride by these people is so great that they will stop at nothing to try to find it.

That is why it is so disturbing to see a despot like Calderon being welcomed with open arms by our president. It is even more disturbing to see him address the American people from a joint session of Congress and be allowed to insult a great state like Arizona and its people. Arizonans are our very own countryman and are as good and decent people as you will find anywhere. In making this statement he perpetuated the same lie that the president and his cronies would have us believe — Arizona’s law is racist.

There is nothing farther from the truth.

The most disturbing aspect of Calderon’s speech Thursday night was seeing the House and Senate Democrats and members of the Obama team stand in unison to hail this corrupt little man’s lies.

It is no wonder that there are tea parties and proud Americans who are seething and have no respect for any member of congress at this time, especially the Democrats.

The era of our humiliation continues.