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Our thoughts... The silent taxed majority
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There was disturbing report put out this past week that stated 47 percent of United States citizens will not have to pay federal income taxes for 2009.

 Federal income taxes raise about $900 billion each year. Of that amount, 10 percent of the people who pay taxes account for 73 percent of that total.

 If you are in the 53 percent of Americans who are expected to continue to fund the federal government takeover of America by the Obama administration and the current Democrat-controlled congress, you have a right to be fearful about the future of our country and the survival of your own family fortunes.

 There seems to be a mind set by this administration that if you work hard and are prudent with your money, you owe everyone else who doesn’t a part of your earnings.

 Taxation to support our country is a burden that should be shared by every citizen, not just 53 percent.

 In this country we are living with a three-little-pigs type of mentality, and the only way we will begin to change that is to stop being a part of the silent majority and start being concerned about how money is being thrown around by this current government.

 We feel our government is currently out of control; the leadership feels they have to answer to none of us — as a result they display an imperialistic attitude on governing.

 Recently, Paul Volker, the guru of monetary affairs for Obama, said that what we needed was a VAT (value added tax) similar to the one used in Europe.

 This tax would, in fact, hit every one’s pocketbook. At first blush that sounds fair, but it will increase the tax liability of the 53 percent of Americans who pay their taxes by another 15 to 20 percent a year.

 Our forefathers overthrew a mighty nation for much less taxation without representation.

 This summer and this November each of us can start to change this runaway government. We need to elect people to represent us who still believe in the American dream and have the courage to cut expenditures and taxes, so that our children will still have a chance to enjoy the fruits of this country as we so proudly have.