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Our thoughts... Sour grapes
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Speaking further of misguided politicians, Commissioner J.C. Henderson recently lost his campaign to be the feudal lord of the Nelson Heights Community Center.

Sour grapes have caused him to begin taking out his ire on the Newton County Recreation Department, which will reimburse Washington Street Community Center officials for expenses relating to the administration of the new Nelson Heights center.

His lashing out shows his immaturity and ignorance and adds to the long list of reasons why he should not be elected again to represent the people of District 4.

Henderson has had a chance to learn from his mistakes, both personal and political, and has chosen not to do so.

The selection of the Washington Street board to oversee the Nelson Heights center was a wise move on the commissioners’ part. Henderson should accept this decision, as it was made because of the proven capable leadership abilities of the WSCC directors.

Henderson should still be credited with facilitating the construction of the center even if he will not be managing its activities. We hope that he will be satisfied knowing his determination helped bring the center into existence, but also that the same determination should not deter its operation.