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Our thoughts... Some musings
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Now that former President George W. Bush has a new book out, he has come out of retirement and hit the talking heads circuit, and it’s refreshing to hear his candor.

One of the differences between George Bush and Barack Obama is that Bush always thought that the office of the presidency was bigger than him; Obama feels he is above that office.

In the past two editions we ran the names of Newton County veterans who served in World War II.

It was a great honor for us to do so. We had no idea so many men and woman from here were responsible for keeping us out of harm’s way.

Next Veterans Day we are going to honor our Korean War Veterans. God bless all of our veterans.

When we saw the initial wish list from the cities on the SPOST tax money we were in shock at the wasteful requests.

But the pared-down requests that have been

presented to the county make sense and would be beneficial to most all of us here in Newton County.

We commend the officials who were responsible for submitting these requests.

This weekend is supposed to be beautiful. May we suggest that after you attend church today, that you take your family on a ride throughout our lovely countryside.

You will marvel at the changing leaves, the wildlife and the rolling hills.

We live in one of the most beautiful counties in the state. If you take the time to look, you will find that you really don’t have to travel far to enjoy the wonders of God’s creations.