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Our thoughts: School bells ringing
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For some of us the end of summer was marked by the return to school a few days after Labor Day. As children, some of us looked at the calendar and hoped that Labor Day would be celebrated later in the month than earlier.

Over the past couple of decades school has started earlier and earlier, now beginning the first week in August.

We are not sure if anything has been proven that starting school earlier is good or bad for our children or teachers, but we do know that it is time we start changing our summer driving habits.

School buses will be back out on the road in the mornings and afternoons, so slow down and anticipate drive times taking a few extra minutes due to school traffic.

Watch for children crossing streets and walking on the sides of roads; be courteous to frustrated mothers and fathers as they wait in line to drop their children off at school.

Families, we recommend you start clearing the summer cobwebs from dusty minds to be ready for that first day of school. Enjoy your last weekend with your family as school starts August 3.