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Our Thoughts... Riding coattails
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The Covington News and the Newton County Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored a political forum Thursday.
About 85 people turned out to hear our local candidates express their views.
All of the candidates, with the exception of one, attended, and we appreciate their involvement in the political process.
We have written about how Newton County was shamefully gerrymandered in 2006 for political purposes. As a result of this action the 95th Georgia House district now encompasses a great deal of Gwinnett County and a small portion of Newton County.
The result is that we have no local candidate to support who will represent us in that district this election.
We have two candidates running for the district seat - Erick Hunt, a Republican and Toney Collins, a Democrat.
Both were invited to the forum. Erick Hunt came, made an articulate presentation, was in tune with the issues facing the district and the state and shared his ideas on how he could best represent the district.
Toney Collins did not show. Well, sort of did not show.
During the forum he did come late, appeared at the door of the hall, handed a person standing there some literature and disappeared back into the dark night.
We have been told by informed sources that this is how he has handled every opportunity he has had to face Mr. Hunt.
The consensus is that Mr. Collins is hoping to ride to victory on the coattails of the new resurgence of Democratic voters, without having to commit to anything.
We know, as apparently Mr. Collins knows, that a great majority of people tend to vote down the party line.
If you do that, we are asking you to consider making an exception this time. Don't vote for a candidate that apparently could care less about you or your neighbors' interests, and for a candidate who apparently feels that by doing nothing, the voters of Newton and Gwinnett counties will be foolish enough to put him in a position to collect a paycheck and a pension for doing nothing.