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Our Thoughts: Revolutionary
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We traditionally write a Fourth of July editorial filled with superlatives of pride, hope, determination and celebration of the 234 years of independence from a country that lacked leadership, taxed unmercifully and showed no respect for the concerns of the men and women of its citizens.

We still swell with pride when we see our country’s flag or a soldier in uniform. We still have hope that our country will remain a beacon of hope for the world — a beacon first lit 234 years ago in Philadelphia, Pa.

However, our pride is wavering.

In the course of our history, during times of crisis we have had men of courage and fortitude step forward to lead us through and out of hardship and catastrophe.

There is no question in the 234th year of our nation’s founding that we are in crisis; we have been in crisis for parts of the last 10 years.

In the year 2010 we find ourselves without true leadership — from the president down to community government.

We have a president who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, who is not respected on the world front, who counts anarchists as friends and has surrounded himself with dubious cabinet members.

Some leaders in the house and senate are determined to thwart the will of the people for their own personal wants and desires.

The saddest and most depressing part of celebrating the 234th anniversary of our birth as a nation is that we cannot name a candidate from either party who is capable of leading America down the road of recovery and toward success.

This Fourth of July weekend we are going to celebrate our forefathers, who created such a country of ours, our troops, who are putting their lives on the line for us every day, our police, for protecting us in these perilous times and most of all we are going to celebrate God’s blessings, which men of good faith credit with past recoveries.

We are going to ask him to send us a leader who we can trust, respect and follow as well as to protect the families of this country and revive their faith and patriotism.

God Bless America and give us the courage to change what needs to be changed in order to ensure that our country continues to be the beacon of hope and peace for the world.