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Our thoughts... Poor voter turnout
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"To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain."

Louis L’Amour

One of the most precious rights we have in this country is the right to vote for who we choose.

In some countries that right does not exist, nor is it protected.

That is why we are more than disappointed by the 19.91 percent voter turnout in Newton County on Tuesday.

We live in a county that just cut jobs and services and raised taxes, and to have this type of vote to elect people to help lead us out of this economic quagmire is, quite frankly, shameful.

Because a majority of the voters of this county chose not to take 10 minutes of their time to take advantage of their right, earned by the blood of hundreds of thousands, to vote, the people were allowed to elect to office a commissioner who has been charged with striking his wife, has had the police called to his house over a hundred times during the last few years and just recently tried to shanghai the control of a much needed community center in his district.

In a race to elect a state representative for District 95, the incumbent, "No Show" Toney Collins again received the majority of votes.

"No Show" Collins received these votes in spite of the fact that we estimate at least 99 percent of the district has not seen him or heard him speak. To be honest, until we actually had a few sightings of him ourselves, we were beginning to think Mr. "No Show" Collins did not exist and was only a false name on the ballot.

Fortunately he does face a runoff with Pam Dickerson on Aug. 10.

There will be a runoff on Aug. 10 here in Newton County; we have a chance again to insure that a small number of voters do not elect the next leaders of our county.

We urge you to think of your family, your neighbors and our community. Take 10 minutes of your time and vote on Aug. 10.