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Our thoughts: Politics might have ruined 2050 panel
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Sometimes what starts out as a good idea gets hijacked along the way.

Members of the leadership coalition in charge of the 2050 Plan proposed that a committee be set up to discuss some of the most pressing issues.

We thought this was a good idea. According to our very unscientific online poll, a majority of the community thought so as well.

The first proposal was to involve 13 members, even though it’s hard to accomplish anything with a committee that large.

Members of the Covington City Council reviewed the concept and requested equal representation, which seems fair since they contribute the same amount of money to the program.

It seems to us that the BOC should have then suggested that they have two or three appointees and the city the same, which would have made the committee manageable.

Instead, according to reports, the city was granted six appointments Thursday, which brings the committee up to 19.

So that unmanageable 13-member committee is now not going to accomplish anything.

It’s a shame when a good idea becomes a bad idea because politics gets in the way.