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Our thoughts on the runoff
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During the recent primary election, many of Newton County’s voters didn’t show up. They paid no concern to who would represent them and a minority of the county’s voters bothered to head toward the polls.

As a result of their democratic neglect, a tiny sliver of Newton County’s population will decide, for the whole, our delegates due to the runoff, which started Monday.

This is a sad commentary on protecting our constitutional right. No wonder the president feels he can rule as a dictator might.

Readers, we have some important elections, please get out to the polls.

In District 4 of the Board of Commissioners, incumbent J.C. Henderson faces newcomer Sonya Hunte.

In District 112 of the State House, local resident Aaron Brooks is taking on Morgan County’s Dave Belton, who is endorsed by current representative Doug Holt.

If Brooks loses, Newton County will not have an elected official representing it who actually lives in the county.

In District 10, Jody Hice a radio talk show host and a pastor is running against businessman Mike Collins. You will need to read up on this race because, to tell you the truth, their backgrounds are a bit unfamiliar to us.

And finally, for U.S. Senate, Congressman Jack Kingston is running against businessman David Perdue. This has become a nasty race, and we are going to hold our nose when we vote in this one.

Any registered voter can cast their ballot for either party in the primary. However, if you voted in the primary, you need to vote for that same party in the runoff. 

We urge you to vote. It is so easy now, and it only takes minutes.

We would love to have you prove us wrong in our thoughts that voters don’t care. The majority still can make a difference.