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Our thoughts on taxes
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There’s no question that anyone who owns property hates to pay taxes on it.

The simple truth is that taxes are a necessity if we desire services such as roads and police protection.

Just like many of our readers, we do not want to see tax increases unless a concerted effort is made to curtail expenses and attract new industry to the community — in turn increasing the tax base without raising our tax load in the future.

This year, the majority of our county commissioners would like to reduce the current property tax rate. We’re sure they are sincere in this effort, and we would like to think that politics plays no part in their desire.

Before you laugh too hard at that last thought, just remember that you elected them.

As much as we would like to see a tax rollback this year, the board of commissioners may not be wise to lower the rate too much if there’s a chance it will have to turn around next year and simply raise the rate again.

Our suggestion is that the board looks diligently at how any extra money could be used to strengthen the county’s infrastructure. If there are some specific projects or improvements that would greatly benefit the county, let’s hear them.

The board promised it would lower the tax rate within two years, and that’s a promise they have to keep. But, above all, we want to see wise leadership, stewardship and planning from our elected leaders.

If some investments now will save us more money in the future or greatly enhance many residents’ lives, they need to be considered.

A small break that only leads to more long-term harm is not the answer.