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Our thoughts... New gym
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On Wednesday, proud graduates of R.L. Cousins High School and community leaders and residents gathered in North Covington for the opening of the newly remolded Wolverine Gym at the Cousins Community Center.

The school disbanded in 1970. When Newton County schools were integrated the next year, black and white students attended what is now Newton High. The old Cousins gym, once the site of many community affairs, graduations and championship basketball games, deteriorated into major disarray. But thanks to the persistent efforts of County Commissioner J.C. Henderson, former state senator Denny Dobbs, the county commission and the county recreation commission, the remodeling of the gym has become a reality, providing a top-notch recreational outlet for the community, especially its children.

Under the guidance of Recreation Director Tommy Hailey and his staff, the gym was refurbished and has already started to be used by the children.

We are always impressed by the first class recreation facilities that we have in Newton County. The Wolverine Gym is just another jewel in that crown of class.

Forest Sawyer, a community activist and a graduate of Cousins, summed up the evening’s comments at the reopening ceremony by saying he was proud to live in a community that takes such pride in its heritage.

We couldn’t help notice the smile on Sheriff Ezell Brown’s face throughout the ceremonies. We can only imagine that he was thinking that with reopening of the Wolverine Gym; thousands of our children will have a safe, supervised place to hang out.

We are positive that this thought is shared by the whole community. Every penny spent on the restoration of this gym was worthwhile.