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Our thoughts... Make a decision
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 Two weeks ago we said that the president should either provide troops suggested by his generals in the war in Afghanistan or bring our troops home now.

 This past weekend was one of the deadliest so far in this war.

 Mr. President, stalling on your decision puts our young men and woman in continued harm’s way, ruins the will of our military leadership — a lesson we learned the hard way long ago in Vietnam — and puts our country in grave danger. We would also like to hear from our own senators and congressman on this issue.

 You said when you were running for the office of president that you felt Afghanistan was the center of the fight against terrorism.

 We demand you either show the courage you portrayed last summer when you didn’t have the power to do something about Afghanistan, or admit your lack of courage now. Either way, make a decision. That is why you were elected — to make the tough decisions necessary to ensure our freedoms and safety.