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Our Thoughts... Losing another member of the greatest generation
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We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give." — Winston Churchill

 It is said by some that the generation of our fathers and grandfathers is the greatest generation.

 With the deepest awe, admiration and respect, we agree.

 Otis Spillers, who at 90 was a man of that great generation, left us on Tuesday to be with other members of his generation — no doubt to help pave the way for us again.

 If you wanted to find a prototype for the greatest generation, "Mr. Otis" would be that person. He served his country during World War II and supported his country and community after that war with the same resolve.

 He held elected office, served his community and volunteered his time, again and again. He took the time to raise his family, imparting his values upon them.

 In every sense of the word he was a gentleman and a gentle man.

 Among his accomplishments was a 63-year love affair with the Covington Rotary Club.

 We are grateful for people like Otis Spillers. What we need in this country today is a whole new generation of men and women of his caliber to lead our nation and our community into the future.

 Mr. Otis is gone, but his spirit and vitality and kindness will not be forgotten.

 As a community we grieve his loss, but we will continue to bask in his accomplishments.