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Our thoughts... Liquor by the drink
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Residents of Newton County, in one way or another, have all felt the effects of the economic downturn mainly caused by the collapse of the housing industry.

Every time we think we’ve hit the bottom, the floor seems to fall out from under us.

We cannot afford to wait until we hit the seafloor of this crisis before we take the necessary steps to help the county resurface.

Our editorial board welcomes the Board of Commissioners’ discussion of holding a referendum on liquor by the drink.

This move by the BOC and a positive vote by the people of Newton County will open the door for high-end restaurants and first-class hotels — a boost to our local tax base.

A report from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office that said the extra cost of policing the county if liquor by the drink passes would cost more than the taxes brought in by new businesses.

That might be the case if rules weren’t set in place making food a primary component of any new establishment wishing to serve alcohol. Without such a controlling factor we could see juke joints popping up all over the place. These types of bars would surely attract some unsavory characters and then, yes, the cost of police patrolling would increase.

Newton County voters should be allowed to decide for themselves if they feel this proposal is right for the future financial recovery of Newton County.