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Our thoughts... Lilly-livered
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We certainly have questioned several of President Obama’s decisions since his inauguration; we have been very clear and to the point in our disagreements.

 As members of the media, we are proud to have the right to disagree without fear of imprisonment, unlike journalists in countries like Iran, China and Venezuela.

 You also have that right and we urge you to take advantage of it — free speech is a precious gift and a cornerstone of our democracy.

 This weekend an individual or group didn’t feel they could exercise that right. They hung an effigy of President Obama, and a most distasteful one at that, on the main street of Plains, Ga.

 These kinds of acts were once commonplace, especially in the South, but they have always been shameful and cowardly acts.

 We urge each of you to speak out on any issue and against any political view because you have the freedom to do so. Spineless acts accomplish little in the grand scheme of things.