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Our thoughts... Let the people decide
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State senators have discovered a novel concept: Let the people decide.

A measure was released last week from committee to the Senate floor that would allow Georgians to vote on Sunday alcohol sales in the state. We’re one of three states that ban Sunday sales of alcohol. The Senate measure would allow for local referendums on sale of alcohol from 12:30 to 11:30 p.m. Sundays, according to the Associated Press.

Those who spoke in favor of the bill, sponsored by Ochlocknee Republican John Bulloch, said it was about competition, economic fairness and common sense, according to AP.


What we have now is a piecemeal system in which restaurants and bars can sell beer and alcohol by the drink, and stadium concessions can keep the beer flowing in some cities, but grocers and liquor stores in the same cities are barred from selling the same beverages.

This makes no sense, economically or otherwise.

This issue has previously faced sure veto from former Gov. Sonny Perdue if it had made it to the governor’s desk. That’s government by fiat, not democracy.

But times have changed. Gov. Nathan Deal has indicated he favors placing the measure to a vote in a local referendum.

We respect and understand the moral and religious opposition to Sunday sales, but a basic tenet of our democracy is to place an issue to a vote. We’re glad that Gov. Deal agrees.

Vote your views, express your convictions, but let everyone have a say.

It’s the American way.