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Our thoughts... Last Saturday
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The Leadership Collaborative gathered on a cold and rainy Saturday last week at Burge Plantation for a seminar led by by The Center for Community Preservation and Planning.

The who’s who of community leadership was there, both private and government, in a session ably run by The Center’s Director Kay Lee.

This group is responsible for the 2050 Plan that projects the future of Newton County and encourages thinking on how best to develop that plan.

The group, which has met for seven years, obviously has seen its plans slow to a crawl as a result of the economic downturn, but it is encouraging to see that this group still feels strongly about its plans for the future and that its members are willing to gather on a Saturday to share ideas on how best to help Newton County grow and thrive.

We support this group’s actions and encourage them to stay the course. We will come out of this downturn, and when we do, its studies and involvement will have us a few steps ahead of our competitors for new business and development.