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In a perfect world, our representative democracy would work as advertised, with citizens elected by other citizens to run the various functions of government.

But life is too complicated for that. Even the best of leaders needs to have professionals to call on for advice and to implement decisions.

That applies to even smaller cities and towns nowadays. A bevy of federal regulations and mandates makes it hard for mayors and council members who have day jobs to take the lead in the daily operation of a government.

That’s why it makes sense for the city of Oxford to consider hiring a city manager. Oxford wants to change its charter so the city can hire a full-time professional city manager, beginning in July.

Mayor Jerry Roseberry is an advocate for the change, noting the complexities involved in running the city.

We see his point. How many private businesses would try to operate a $4.4 million operation like the city of Oxford without a professional manager?

Sometimes you need a pro.