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Our Thoughts... Henderson
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A couple of weeks ago in this space, the editorial board boldly asked County Commissioner J.C. Henderson to resign his post because of his personal/legal problems.

This week Henderson’s own personal lust for power and control of a community center has caused him again to shame himself as well as the citizens of our county.

Because he has not been allowed to manage the handling of the Nelson Heights Community Center, he has like a spoiled child pulled the worn-out race card to accuse his fellow commissioners of mishandling the administration of the center.

He has even gone so far as sending a grammatically insulting, hand-written letter on BOC letterhead to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs complaining about the fact that his hand has been slapped by fellow commissioners. The letter also asks the department for a federal phone number so he could call to request that all federal funding be drained from Newton County.

If there was a chance that Henderson could get his way, it would be a disaster for our county.

Henderson is reckless and inappropriate. His recent actions as a representative of the good people of Newton County are reprehensible. For the good of the county he should step down from office. If he refuses, then we hope that punitive recourses are available for the rest of the commission to use against him.