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Our thoughts: Good Dawg
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Saturday will be a day of joy and celebration for members and friends of Bulldog Nation.

That is the day that Big Bad Bruce will assume his role as the symbol of the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Big Bad Bruce, better known as Uga VIII, will take over from Russ, the half-brother of the short-lived Uga VII.

Russ, with the true heart of a great lineage of majestic bulldogs raised by the Seiler family from Savannah, did his best to lead the less than mighty Georgia football teams of late to victory.

Uga VIII takes over in an ugly season; we are all hoping that he will quickly help lead us back to those winning ways to which we have grown accustomed.

From our hearts we wish for Uga VIII, cool Saturday breezes so that he can breathe in peace and a stout heart that will help lead our Bulldogs to victory, not just on the field but in life.

Go DAWGs! beat Vanderbilt