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 Last week we had the opportunity to attend a weekend meeting with our peers in the Georgia Press Association. Traditionally, at the end of the banquet, awards are given to newspapers in the association for their efforts this past year.

 Judging for these awards was done by newspaper professionals from a neighboring state.

 We were honored to be called out 20 times to receive awards. The award that every newspaper in the state yearns for each year is to be called a newspaper of General Excellence — for community newspapers it’s akin to winning a Pulitzer.

 The Covington News, for the second consecutive year, was honored with this prestigious award.

 Of course, we are proud to have these awards hanging on our wall.

 We also are honored that for the past 144 years, we have been accepted by our community as a partner in the good and bad times — even when we did not win awards.

 Just like a family member we have not always been loved or correct, but more times than not, we have been.

 We have faithfully recorded the births and deaths of community members over the years, we have praised and been praised, we have taken some to task and we have been called out ourselves.

 Our other reward is our staff. Just like any business during these economic times, we have had to tighten our belts, and we have asked our staff to share equally the burden of keeping this newspaper viable and healthy. Each and every one of them has responded with efforts that far exceed our expectations.

 Our staff has a pride that is reflected in their determination and dedication of producing your newspaper three times a week.

 They also continue to take active rolls in civic groups, non-profits and churches in our community.

 We believe The Covington News is a living entity, and its heart beats strong because of the fortitude of the people it serves and the staff who lovingly produces it.

 Yes, we love awards — all of them.