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Our thoughts: Fourth of July
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“Our founders got it right when they wrote in the Declaration of Independence that our rights come from nature and nature’s God, not from government.”
— Paul Ryan

Today our country is 238 years old — a long time of existence as far as republics go.

As smart as our forefathers seemed to be, we doubt whether they had the slightest idea of what their courage would produce as they sat in Philadelphia hammering out a guideline that would lead us as a nation all of these years.

With the full-frontal attack on our constitution, which is being led by the president of the United States and his elected allies, maybe it is time to call for another constitutional convention; one where our current Constitution could be updated to confirm to our new society but would keep in place the solid guidelines that have served us so well.

The problem with holding such a convention would be to find delegates with the same courage and convictions that guided our founding fathers.

We worry every day that our children and grandchildren are not going to be able to enjoy the freedoms that we have enjoyed.

We are going to have faith that a mighty God who helped produce such leadership that set our country in motion in 1776 will again help us find the leadership that will lead us throughout this century and centuries to come.

We wish you a peaceful Fourth of July filled with good memories of a country that still, in spite of all of its blemishes, is the lighted beacon of hope for the whole world.