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Our thoughts... Down on the Farm
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On the last Sunday of every month we have for some time been reporting on the agri-business community here in Newton County.

It is amazing how families who have worked for generations with their hands in God’s good green earth to provide the everyday foods and commodities that we mostly take for granted have survived.

In last Sunday’s edition (which can be seen on if you missed it) there was a story on the multi-faceted farm and how farm families have learned to adapt to keep up with modern trends and technology.

King Cotton ruled the roost here in our county in the 70s until the cost of producing cotton sky-rocked and families like the Hodges had to adapt — and adapt they have, just like their neighbors have for generations.

Also in the same edition was a story about the children of farm families who learn from the time they can first walk and talk from their families and the 4-H programs that are offered.

We are fortunate to have a very strong 4-H program in our community.

To read how the kids learn to raise and take care of their animals and even learn to let go and allow that animal to go to market, is heartwarming. We have often seen tears flow when this happens, but they learn from this hands-on experience on how to run a business.

As we are about to celebrate the birth of our great country, we believe that without our farm families we wouldn’t be celebrating its longevity.

God bless our farm families and everything they produce, not only for our community and nation but for the world.