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Our thoughts: Disgust
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The way we see it there is plenty of blame to go around in regards to the Ferguson issue.

First, to see Michael Brown painted as some type of civil rights hero is, in itself, disgusting. What has he done to progress equality and the issues?

The fact that he was killed by police officer Daren Wilson is also disheartening. It seems to us that some type of other discipline could have been used to control the situation on dealing with Brown.

The blame continues with politicians, as the inflaming of the populace by outside agitators, including the President of the United States when the shooting was first reported, was uncalled for. Missouri’s own governor made a complete fool of himself and his office.

The list of blame extends, and is led by, the media. Who, we feel, have been the worst offenders in this tragedy.

It has been shameful to see how every major media outlet, including Fox News, has in some way inflamed the attitude of mistrust.

In this country we have been a nation of laws — the fact that an independent grand jury did not find grounds to convict the police officer of wrongdoing should have been the end of any controversy.

But folks like Michael Brown’s parents and outside agitators such as Al Sharpton — who at times make it seem that they think no laws should be obeyed — seemingly had made up their mind that no matter what the grand jury’s decision would be. The fact that they were not in anyway going to accept a just verdict is alarming and a threat to our own peace and tranquility.

The constant portrayal by the media, we feel, as part of what inflamed the riots of Tuesday evening. That led to innocent folks losing their livelihoods, and watching as their dreams, businesses and tax dollars went up in smoke. That was disheartening and horrible.

We don’t have a perfect country, and people aren’t always treated how they think they should, but to continue to demean our law enforcement is not acceptable in a free society.

The Ferguson turmoil is not going to do anything to advance the cause of race relations in this county. The truth is, it may set progress back. That is both a shame, and dangerous, as it may allow other dissidents who created groups like the Klu Klux Klan to rise once again in influence and cause havoc in this country.

All of this is caused by an out of control media and that is, what in truth, was the creator of the shamefulness in this whole mess.