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Our thoughts... B.C. Crowell Week
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The city of Porterdale did it right — they have set aside a special week in honor of their hometown hero and native, B.C. Crowell.

B.C. was a man who was respected and admired by everyone, not only in Porterdale, but by those who knew him in Newton County. He is being honored for a full week, which began on Sunday, Aug. 23, and will end on Saturday, Aug. 28, which the city has declared to be B.C. Crowell Day.

This special day honoring the memory of B.C. Crowell will be tied in with the annual Porterdale Reunion this year.

A picture of Crowell and the city’s proclamation will be on display at city hall, and Mayor Bobby Hamby will re-read the special proclamation around 11 a.m. on Saturday.

We might suggest that a B.C. Crowell Day be set aside every year at homecoming time.

We can’t help but think that somewhere B.C. is smiling from ear to ear as his native hometown celebrates his life in this special way.