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Our Thoughts... A visit from Marshall
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   We were glad to see Congressman Jim Marshall in town Saturday to address his local constituents face to face.

 This is something his counterpart, Congressman John Linder, has not bothered to do.

 There was a good crowd and they were mostly civil. There were a couple of people who made fools of themselves, but the majority asked the congressman questions and shared concerns that many of us have as well.

 We appreciate the fact that Marshall tried to answer their questions with his honest opinions. This was refreshing.

 Marshall came to Newton County because several people cared enough to convince his staff that he needed to be here.

 When we were gerrymandered years ago, Newton County became the tail end of two congressional districts. We are sure that both congressmen and their staffs know that their future does not depend on the voters of Newton County.

 This doesn’t matter though because both congressmen owe us the same amount of time and consideration that they give to rest of their district.

 Jim Marshall heard our collective voice and that is why he was here Saturday — apparently, John Linder has not.