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Our Thoughts... A good man
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 In Newton County there is a man named Jim Dial.

 For the past 10 years, Jim has faithfully delivered the mail to all departments at the Newton County Judicial Center.

 During those 10 years many people have had the pleasure of meeting Jim — not one has come away from meeting Jim who was not impressed with his determination, his courage, his loyalty and his dependability.

 Jim has spent his life proving that being born with a disability is no reason not to have a good spirit and a kind heart.

 When he smiles, it lights up a room. The special love he shows everyone is contagious.

 Because he works so diligently, it’s hard for the people who work with him and others in his life to ever feel down around him.

 His 46th birthday and his 10th anniversary with the judicial center was this past week; some of his very best friends at the courthouse took him to Athens in a limousine for a tour of his beloved University of Georgia.

 He also was treated to a lunch at The Varsity — his favorite restaurant. Linda Hays, one of his dearest friends and Newton County Clerk of Courts, said he was probably hoping that the Bulldogs’ cheerleaders were there, and that if they weren’t, then it was their loss.

 Happy birthday Jim — thank you for all the smiles.