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Not too late
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There has been much talk here in Newton County that we just might have hit the bottom of fiscal mess we have endured for the last four years.

However, the relocation of some major businesses to our community, along with a steadily declining foreclosure rate and business people starting to see a slight upward movement in sales of their products, give us hope for the future.

If you don't have a business, you can also begin to help with this recovery by shopping locally.

Every dime you spend locally is returned to the county for good use. The money spent helps your neighbors and yourself remain employed. The taxes on that dime pay for roads, schools and other basic infrastructure that most of us may not even think about.

We hear from time to time that items are much more inexpensive online or at some major business located in the metro Atlanta area.

While perhaps this may be true, not one penny you spend online or out of our county is returned to this county. Most Internet businesses you might deal are located out of this country and pay little or no federal taxes.

Another benefit of shopping locally is that you get to talk to and meet the person you are dealing with. That alone is worth paying a few cents more.

It's not yet too late for this Christmas season to buy here; you will be helping both yourself and our local community.

If you do buy locally, every time you see a yellow school bus go by, you can smile knowing that your purchases helped buy that bus and send those children to school.