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Not again
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The Vietnam era in this country was one of highs and lows. At first, it was patriotic to be in Southeast Asia to protect the world against the spread of communism. Then through the blunders of the both the Johnson and Nixon administration, who both handcuffed their military commanders and refused to have a policy that assured winning, this country was almost torn asunder.

We are heading down that path again; President Obama made the winning of the war in Afghanistan a cornerstone of his campaign policy. Since he has taken office, the death rate of our troops, which is barely mentioned in the liberal-controlled main stream media, has risen at an alarming rate.

The president recently appointed General Stanley McChrystal as his leader on the ground in Afghanistan. This week McChrystal said that if he does not receive more troops and better equipment, then we will not triumph in this engagement.

To date the president and his advisory committee are being more than wishy-washy on this request.

We know that we are just a little voice, Mr. President, but we call on you now to be a decisive commander in chief. Either honor your general's request so that we can once and for all win this war, or bring back our troops now.

Our country will not survive another Vietnam type war. one is not fought to win.