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No Child Left Behind
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Earlier this week President Barack Obama loosened requirements for the No Child Left behind Program. This program has been a disaster since it's inception during the Bush administration, and we think this change is probably one of the most positive actions Obama has taken in almost three years of being president.

Trying to control education from the federal level is as useless as trying to place a square peg in a round hole.

Schools should be driven, monitored and controlled mainly by parents of children attending those schools and schools should be managed by locally elected administrators who can be controlled by the taxpayers who are paying the bills for the schools.

Parents want what is best for their children and teachers want what is best for their students. By putting the power back in the hands of the community, we believe education will improve. Any community should want their students to learn as best they can, and by acting as shepherds and watchdogs in their own communities, they will better be able to teach the students the skills and knowledge they will need to thrive in our changing world.

The federal government should turn the portion of money they have collected from tax payers back to the local school systems with no strings attached. Perhaps then the federal government could offer expertise in being a good partner for education and not act like a tyrannical master.

We can improve our education standards in this country, but only if the people are allowed to take control of their own children.