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Last week a breaking story was placed on our website, it involved a 19-year-old teen who allegedly assaulted a 14-year-old girl.

This story began with an initial release that showed up in our weekly police log.

The information from the story which later appeared in the Covington News on Friday was provided by a public information officer from the sheriff's office.

A family member of the young girl came to our office the day the story was released on our website.

The family member was very upset because the family of the young girl was told by legal officials from the child protection agency that none of this would come out until after a trial.

Whoever told the family that did them a disservice and did not understand that if you do something like this it for sure is going to be become public record.

It is not one of our greatest joys to print stories like this, we make every effort to ensure that the victim is not identified, but we publish it without editorial opinion, because as reported to us it is the fact and that's what newspapers are supposed to do, print the facts and happenings of the good and bad in the community it serves.

The family member that talked to us asked us what we would feel or do if it was our child that was involved with this sad story.

First we would be mortified and heartbroken just like this family member was and then we would print the story; because we don't make or control the news - we just report it.