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More presence
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You might have wondered why you are seeing more police cars on city streets and in your neighborhood in Covington.

There is a reason. Last week the city police department took ownership of 19 new vehicles fully equipped from Ginn motors.

This addition of the police cars will allow every patrol officer to have a police vehicle assigned to them.

Each officer in turn will be responsible for upkeep and will have access to the vehicle 24 hours a day.

Although the cost was close to $850,000 for this investment — as long as we stay in this area of crime and vandalism that is plaguing our city and county — it is encouraging to see a police presence in our neighborhoods 24 hours a day.

The fact that each officer will be responsible for upkeep of his or her “mount” is a proven entity from other such programs that in the long run that the vehicles will last longer and cost local citizens less of their taxes to maintain.

We feel safer seeing our police in action, and we feel that the constant presence of the CPD shield will deter the bad guys.