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Misguided apology
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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been in India recently. She, as a member of the Obama administration, has continued the shameful tradition of apologizing for her countrymen.

Clinton actually had the nerve to tell the government officials of India, one of the world's worst polluting nations, that we the citizens of the United States were sorry to be one of the world's major polluters.

The people of India are generally polite people, but it was hard for them to hide their smirks of laughter upon hearing such a comment.

As a nation, we should strive to set an example for other industrialized nations to follow, not apologize for past policy.

Barack Obama was not elected to be an apologist for our way of life; he was elected to lead us out of a near depression. He and his cabinet should be apologizing to their own countrymen for helping make the economic situation he inherited worse.