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Magnificent Magnolia Hall
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 There has been talk around Social Circle recently that Magnolia Hall, a true historical landmark of the city, might be on the radar for possible purchase by the city.

 The building currently is owned by Louis Van Dyke, owner of the Blue Willow Inn and Village, and has been for sale for some time.

 Last Saturday at a retreat for Better Hometown members, Mayor Jim Burgess discussed the possibility of purchasing the property. He thought federal grants might be available for historic projects or maybe a community fundraiser could be held.

 We endorse the idea of the city acquiring Magnolia Hall. It could become a functional as well as beautiful welcome center.

 Civic clubs could call it home for their meetings and as a place to stow their awards. It also would be an excellent facility to hold community forums and meetings.

 Magnolia Hall could provide an excellent revenue stream for the city as a banquet hall or meeting facility and with promotion it could be the wedding destination point for couples around the state.

 We urge you to share your thoughts with the mayor and city council on this proposed project.

 Having Magnolia Hall become a permanent part of the city’s heritage just seems proper.