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Low turnout, good results
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Even though it was extremely sad to see such a low turnout in the Social Circle special election Tuesday - only 12 percent of the town's registered voters turned out on a very nice day - we are pleased the liquor by the drink initiative passed.

We believe that it was such a low a turnout because decent people, who don't drink and feel it is morally wrong to do so, decided not to vote at all. We can respect that. If that is the case, then that is not the type of community loyalty we would expect from the good folks of Social Circle.

Now that the city fathers have this option, we hope they can move on a fast track to lure some good restaurants into the dying downtown.

With the tourists that the Blue Willow attracts every year, some high class establishments can help lure these visitors back. Those added visits will help revitalize the business tax base of the city, which can be used in turn to attract other businesses to this very charming corner of the country.