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Letter: Form of government legislation
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Dear fellow Newton neighbors,

I am always gratified and humbled that we live in a country where the free speech endowed by Our Creator is an established creed of our government. As we strive further “to establish a more perfect Union”, let us thank those who have suffered, and yes died, so these words may have real meaning!

I believe many residents of Newton County have some misgivings —major or minor — about many of the actions of our local government. One such misgiving is the BOC-gutted final draft of the proposals of the BOC-chosen form of government committee, as presented to our legislature. As a member of this citizen-committee, I strongly believe our commissioners have gotten the tenor of its citizenry WRONG, again.

There are many in our county who believe that split government engineered by a preponderance of 3-2 votes on always-critical decisions is a major reason our county’s government has been largely ineffective; or at best, too dismissive of the feelings of a large segment of our population. There will always be disagreements among free peoples but let’s not allow our local government to cause rise in discontent among us.

Again, there are perhaps many more who also believe the final BOC draft to the Legislature certainly has not advanced needed solutions for enough of the many problems which have caused way too many fissures among our residents. If this is the best our current BOC can produce, please, let our county’s legislative members allow this proposal to expire for this session.

Legislators, please give the residents of Newton County the opportunity to take this “bull by the horn” and make the sensible decisions our local leaders apparently choose not to make.

Neighbors, as a group of five fellow unelected citizens cannot entirely speak for you, please exercise your right and let your state legislators — and commissioners — know how you feel!

Gladstone Nicholson,
Newton resident