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Let the sun shine
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Clarke's Grove has been an innovative neighborhood since its construction. Again, Clark's Grove is leading the way in energy efficiency.

In a collaboration between the home owners' association and Hannah Solar of Atlanta, a $250,000 stimulus grant was obtained to install solar paneling on the retail units in the neighborhood. Each unit owner also had to match some funds - to the tune of a $30,000 combined investment.

These solar panels will save the retail units approximately 15 to 20 percent of the energy they typically use. Solar power not only saves the businesses and homeowners who utilize it money, but also conserves precious natural resources.

When you flip on a light in Georgia, most of the time coal was burned to produce that energy. Innovative technology such as solar power conserves a finite commodity like coal and in its conservation protects the atmosphere from harmful gases.

We also are proud to say that most of the solar paneling that will be used in this project is made right here in Georgia.

Unemployment is a hot topic currently on everyone's minds. New energy technology is a good bet for future job creation. We are glad that people in our community are riding at the helm. We hope others who have the means will be inspired to do the same.