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Legislators work for us
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We had the opportunity to visit the State Capitol this week.

The building is an impressive historic site and worth a visit by every Georgian.

We went with one of the local chamber's leadership groups and had the grand experience of sitting in the Senate Chamber as we listened to a local senator tell us about all the good he is doing for us.

As we sat we couldn't help but notice the number of gifts on the desk we sat at that were left for our legislators. There was a ball hat, jars of red and white candy balls and an invitation. We suspect that such goodies are left every day for our lawmakers.

According to a recent Page 1 story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this is just a tip of the iceberg. Our legislators are treated each day to free meals and snacks, bars, and special trips where whole families are accommodated.

The lavishness poured on legislators in order to curry favors and votes is disgraceful.

Our forefathers set up government to be run by folks like you and me, citizen volunteers who receive little pay and who actually deserve to be identified at every social function as people who sacrifice to serve their fellow citizens.

It's a shame. We now have a bunch of pampered leaders who feel they should be treated special.

If legislators care about being honorable, they would set up a program in which they would donate such gifts to a charity of their choice.