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Last week
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For a period of time we were almost on the world stage last week, as 10 employees of Pure TalkUSA, rushed themselves to Newton Medical Center at 2:30 a.m. reporting that a white substance had exploded from one of the batteries that was in a box they opened.

Fortunately for them - and our community - the scare turned out to be a defective battery.

We are impressed by the quick thinking of the employees and the actions afterwards of the company, our local law enforcement and Newton Medical Center staff. It gives us some comfort to know we are in good hands if such a scare was real.

We live in dangerous and perilous times. There are sick folks and terrorists who value no life; it behooves all of us to be cautious and wary of all things that may look out of place or people who do not act normal.

If you ever feel a discomfort dealing with people or strange objects, don't hesitate to call local authorities. Your hunch just might prove correct.

We praise and salute all that were involved in bringing this scare to a happy ending.