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Keep the county clean
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There's a great deal of effort and planning that goes on in the attempt to attract new business to our community.

During that planning process we compete with other communities by touting our workforce, community vision, schools, government and accessibility. We also work constantly to improve ourselves in all of these areas.

However, one area we didn't mention, is the aesthetic look of our community and how new businesses feel when they drive through our community and see litter that defaces the entrances to our city.

How do they feel when they see ugly signage stuck up in every open nook and cranny that the city has to offer on some its busy thoroughfares? We disagree with the recent decision by a majority of Covington City Council members to suspend the strict enforcement of the city's temporary sign portion of its sign ordinance.

However, the trash that lines the streets is even more depressing, as it's the result of uncaring citizens who pass through without any sense of pride or community responsibility.

One good example of such disrespect is Interstate 20's exit 90. If you took that entrance to the city of Covington recently, you would have seen trash and litter as bad as some third world countries. Just as were about to call attention to this, crews were out and about Thursday cleaning up the place. We're thankful someone else noticed and that the city cared enough to take care of the cleanup.

In March, the Keep Covington-Newton Beautiful committee holds the Great American Cleanup day. Many civic-minded citizens and groups work together on that day to help clean up tons of litter and trash.

We would like to suggest that the same groups get together for a winter Newton County Clean Up, to make sure our community doesn't get too filled up with litter in the meantime.

If you have an interest, e-mail KCNB at or call (770) 784-2015; we're sure they would be glad to hear from you. In addition, groups can also adopt a mile of road to keep clean throughout the year. If you have any thoughts let us know at