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Keep lottery money local
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We ran into a local convenience store the other day to get a bag of ice. In front of us was a woman with two children buying milk and other food products; she paid by using her EBT card.

It made us wonder why she wouldn’t have gone to the local supermarket and purchased the same goods; it would have cost less. Then it hit us, she didn’t care to go to local supermarket because it wasn’t her money she was using — it was ours, the taxpayer.

Then she whipped out $50 in cash and bought lottery scratch-offs.

In Newton County for the year 2012, more than 40 million dollars was spent on lottery tickets.

To make this picture even worse, the woman left the store, got into a newer model car and took off.

What’s wrong with this whole picture? Everything.

As far as we are concerned, EBT cards should only be accepted at major supermarkets, where there is more value, and EBT cards should also be issued to only those who are in dire need.

Most folks we know are struggling here in Newton County because of this recession, including our local businesses. To see $40 million dollars leave our local economy for nothing in return is shameful.

Newton County is ranked 24th in lottery sales in the state out of 159 counties, which is not a proud accomplishment.
We encourage neighbors to help other neighbors through tough times. It’s hard to accept that premise when you see EBT cards abused and money wasted on a gamble where you can become rich without putting any effort in the process.