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Keep an eye out at the pool
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 A lot of folks in this area have pools. If you can’t live on the ocean or a lake, then a pool is the next best thing to refresh yourself on our upcoming hot summer days

 If you have a pool at your home, please be vigilant in looking out for little children.

 If you have a small child in your home or you are visited by someone who has a young child, be observant. It just takes a moment of distraction for a child to stumble into the sparkling and inviting blue waters of a pool.

 Also remember that most community pools do not have lifeguards; please do not let your child go to one unsupervised by a trusted adult.

 It is always a tragedy to lose a child for any reason, but to lose one through carelessness is something that will tear your heart asunder forever.

 Enjoy your summer. Enjoy our local pools. But, please be attentive and observant at all times.

 We do not want to publish a story about a child who lost his or her life because of inattentiveness this summer.