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Holiday thanks
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The buildup up for Santa Claus and the commercialism of Christmas is over.
In a way, it is a relief. We pray though, that the true spirit of Christmas is not over for you.

We hope that you can keep the holiday's spirit kindled in your life throughout the coming year.

During the last few weeks we have encouraged each of you to remember your neighbor this season.

Many of you have.

Sometimes we forget to thank everyone who gave of themselves in any way to help others.

Civic groups like the Rotary, Kiwanis, Pilot Club and Lions, as usual, were leaders of the pack with their donations and time. The churches took care of their own as well as others. Many businesses went out of their way to help those in need, even though some were hurting themselves.

The Covington Police Department took children shopping.

All of these groups deserve and receive our highest praise.

Who we really want to thank today, the day after Christmas, is you our reader. We thank you for believing in us and caring about your community.

We have said before and we will say again, Newton County and Social Circle is not only the land of pleasant beauty, but also a land of generosity.