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Heroic nurses
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Those who are good at their jobs embody their work.

The nurses of Newton Medical Center’s BirthCare Center did just that Jan. 19.

The BirthCare Center is NMC’s neonatal intensive care unit, and its nurses are responsible for caring for those who can’t help themselves. On that fateful night in mid-January, one of their own couldn’t help herself, after being involved in a horrific car crash. Brooke Williams didn’t show up for work at her scheduled time, something far from her normal routine.

The nurses banded together, reached out over the phone, visited the family of Brooke Williams and still couldn’t find her. Fellow nurse Robin Sloman then left her house, retracing Williams’ route, worried about her friend.

Sloman found Williams and her mangled car along state road 20, and she stayed with Williams until help arrived.

Sloman and several other BirthCare Center nurses helped to get emergency personnel to Williams before it was too late.

They care for babies in need every day at NMC, but it’s not because it’s their job. Sloman showed, in helping out a peer, that she is just as caring off the clock as she is on it. The thoughtfulness you, and your fellow nurses showed Jan. 19, Robin, indeed makes you a hometown hero and someone the community should be proud is working to make Newton County a better place.