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Henderson's maps
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Serving the public is an honor and a privilege — not a right. When this is forgotten, it is time for a leadership change. 

There comes a time when leaders lose their ability to make decisions in the best interest of the public and begin wallowing in their own self-importance and delusion of perceived self-worth and power. Surprisingly, Newton County Commissioner J.C. Henderson is able to problem solve at a high enough level  to challenge the proposed redistricting maps for the county. Henderson has been no more than a “yes” man in recent years to the Gang of Four.

It seems to us that Commissioner Henderson realized if the proposed maps were approved, his power base would shift and he may be out of his traditional shoo-in election zone. Isn’t leading about confronting challenges, developing good solutions and implementing them? A breakdown in any one of these three steps is what separates those who lead from those who follow. 

Commissioner Henderson’s objection is more about not wanting to lead as opposed to just retaining a title and collecting a check. If he wants to be reelected, he should spend more time being his own man and leading rather than worrying about who might be added to his district and a perceived erosion of his powerbase.