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Good moves
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* We are pleased to see that the Newton County Board of Commissioners has placed signs at Factory Shoals Recreation Park that warn swimmers and waders to be careful about being in the Alcovy River.

We hope that visitors to the park heed the signs, especially after large rainstorms.

We do not want to see this landmark recreation area closed down.

It is tragic that life has been lost there, but with a little more caution, the loss of life can be more easily prevented.

* We were glad to read that a new American Legion post is to be opened in Social Circle.

We owe so much to our veterans, and it’s important for them to have a place where they can gather and enjoy the support and friendship of fellow veterans.

Another benefit of having an American Legion Post in your community is that veterans, even after their service, continue to give their time as community volunteers.

God bless our veterans. May their new post be filled with smiles and good cheer.