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Gas and go
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The price of gas is rising at a pace that seems almost unreal. The fact that we find ourselves in this position again can be placed right on the backs of all of our presidential administrations going back to the Roosevelt era.

The lack of both Republican and Democratic leadership to be proactive in dealing with our energy problems has placed us in a situation where we are controlled by actions in the Mideast and other trouble spots throughout the world and we are now competing for fossil fuel with emerging industrial powers India and China.

Experts tell us that we have fossil fuel reserves in our own country that would completely sustain our nation for generations to come.

According to these experts, all we have to do is tap into those recourses. We doubt the answer is that simple, but it seems to us as if we had been developing our capabilities over the last 50 years, we wouldn't be worrying about paying $4 or $5 a gallon for gas right now.

The current administration has virtually shut down all exploration in this country. This decision is wrong and puts our country in danger. It severely hampers any chance we have for a strong economic recovery and our President as recently as this past week in a speech presented in Florida said that he had no answer to rising gas prices except to tighten our belts more.

That may be true for now but we do have an answer. We can get out and vote for elected officials who will promise not to keep two feet in the past and will be willing to explore all of our options without fear of what a minority of environmentalists have to say.

Your actions can make a difference; you just have to take the action. In the meantime, in order to help you find the best gas prices in the area on a daily basis, go to and click on Gas Buddy. it may help you save a few dollars.